Celebrated as a pivotal new sound on the Brazilian and World Music scenes, Farofa delivers a passion-filled, electrifying performance of traditional rhythms blended with modern stylings and influences. Their signature sound is amplified by an eclectic collection of ideas and inspirations drawn from rock, jazz, contemporary classical, pop, deep African rhythmic tradition and, above all, from the entire musical universe of their native Brazil.


Farofa’s raw talent thrives on the collaborations of its members, touring musicians Felipe Fraga (Percussion/Drums), Isaias Elpes (Bass), JP Mourão (Guitar) and Luis Mascaro (Violin). Through their independent journeys, they have worked with such prolific artists as Ricky Martin, Lee Ritenour, Selena Gomez and Foo Fighters – and together, they are turning heads with their fresh and imaginative set lists and avante-garde mashups.


Having been labeled as “engaging,” “dynamic” and “captivating” by the venues they’ve headlined, and honored as the recipients of the California Presenters Spotlight Award, as well as runners-up at the Samsung E-Festival 2016, there is no denying that Farofa’s passion and dedication to performing fresh, new music continues to shine through at every show. Whether it’s a small, intimate presentation or on-stage at a world music festival, Farofa is sure to deliver a musical experience not to be missed.



Farofa - Taca
Farofa at Drum Channel - Frevo
Farofa at Blue Whale - highlights
Farofa Live at NAMM - Get Back


Feb 11, 2020

Sam First

6171 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Feb 19, 2020

Kay Meek Arts Centre

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Feb 20, 2020

Kay Meek Arts Centre

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Feb 21, 2020

Kay Meek Arts Centre

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Feb 22, 2020

Shadbolt Theatre

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Mar 04, 2020

Old Town School Of Folk Music

Chicago, IL

Mar 06, 2020

Latino Arts

Milwaukee, WI

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From inside jokes to street names, each of Farofa's songs is a unique story for the band. In this original video - their first composed song as Farofa - the band chose the title "Volta," which in Portuguese has two meanings: "come back," a saying the band often uses when their jokes go a bit too far; and "turn" or "lap," which is symbolized in the video as the camera spins in a circle. 

It all started one night in Los Angeles. As four Brazilian musicians gathered to form the support at a local performer's show, they got to know each other using their universal language. Music. (Ok, and Portuguese.) 

They jammed. They played. They goofed around. And they recorded it. 

Within moments of putting their collaborations online, JP, Isaias, Luis and Felipe started receiving phone calls, messages and requests from friends and family to form an official band. They had everything they needed to continue sharing their collective talents with their growing audience of fans - except for one minor detail. 

The band needed a name.

So with a perfectly appropriate nod to the way they kicked off their innovative combinations, the group decided on Farofa, which in Portuguese is slang for "hangout." 

Whether you take a moment to dive into their EP (and listen to that first composed song, Volta) or venture out to one of their electrifyingly fun performances, go "off to farofa" with the Brazilian music scene's premier collective... come hangout with Farofa! 

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Isaias Elpes
Luis Mascaro
Felipe Fraga
JP Mourão


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